IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

You should say:

Who he/she is

How you knew him/her

What interesting thing you did

And explain how he/she inspired you to do it



Who he/she is:

  • Think of someone who has inspired you to do something interesting, such as a family member, a friend, a teacher, or a public figure.
  • Explain who this person is and why they are important to you.
  • For example: “The person who inspired me to do something interesting is my high school science teacher, Mrs. Smith.”

How you knew him/her:

  • Share how you know this person and your relationship with them.
  • Maybe you had them as a teacher, or you met them through a shared interest.
  • For example: “I knew Mrs. Smith because she was my science teacher in high school. She taught my biology and chemistry classes, and I always enjoyed her lessons.”

What interesting thing you did:

  • Explain what interesting thing you did as a result of this person’s inspiration.
  • Maybe you pursued a new hobby, went on a trip, or tried something outside of your comfort zone.
  • For example: “The interesting thing I did as a result of Mrs. Smith’s inspiration was to participate in a science fair. She encouraged me to come up with my own research project and present it to a panel of judges.”

And explain how he/she inspired you to do it:

  • Share how this person inspired you to pursue this interesting thing.
  • Maybe they encouraged you to be curious, or they shared their own passion for the activity.
  • For example: “Mrs. Smith inspired me to participate in the science fair by encouraging me to pursue my own interests and take risks. She also shared stories of her own experiences doing science experiments and presenting her research.”



  • “The person I have in mind is…”
  • “I’d like to talk about someone who has inspired me to do something interesting…”
  • “I knew him/her because…”
  • “My relationship with this person is…”
  • “As a result of his/her inspiration, I…”
  • “The interesting thing I did was…”
  • “He/she inspired me to do this by…”
  • “What really motivated me was…”



The person who has inspired me to do something interesting is my uncle, Mr. Johnson. 

I knew him because he is my mother’s brother, and we have a close family relationship. He has always been a source of guidance and inspiration in my life.

The interesting thing I did as a result of his inspiration was to start my own small business. My uncle has been a successful entrepreneur for many years, and seeing his accomplishments motivated me to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations.

He inspired me to do this by sharing his own experiences, offering valuable advice, and encouraging me to believe in myself. He emphasized the importance of taking calculated risks and being proactive in pursuing my passions. His stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success instilled a sense of confidence in me.

With his guidance, I developed a business plan, conducted market research, and took the leap to start my own venture. It was a challenging and exhilarating journey, but having my uncle’s support and encouragement made a significant difference.

His entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and dedication inspired me to embrace the possibilities and explore my own potential. Through his mentorship, I learned the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and continuous learning.

Starting my own business has not only provided me with valuable entrepreneurial skills and experiences, but it has also given me a sense of fulfillment and personal growth. I have learned to embrace challenges, make strategic decisions, and be accountable for my own success.

Overall, my uncle, Mr. Johnson, has been a true inspiration in my life. His entrepreneurial achievements and unwavering support have motivated me to pursue my own dreams and embark on an interesting journey of entrepreneurship.