IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a popular person (who) you know.

Describe a popular person (who) you know.

You should say:

• Who this person is

• What this person does

• How you know them (= him or her)

And explain why (you think) they are popular.

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Local Celebrity: A well-known figure in your local community.
  2. Social Media Influencer: Someone with a significant following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube.
  3. Sports Personality: A popular athlete or sports figure.
  4. Entrepreneur: A successful businessperson with a wide public recognition.
  5. Artist or Performer: A musician, actor, or artist who is widely admired.
  6. Community Leader: Someone actively involved in community service and leadership.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Person:
    • “I’d like to talk about a person who is quite popular in my community.”
    • “The individual I have in mind is…”
    • “This person is widely recognized for…”
  2. What This Person Does:
    • “Their profession involves…”
    • “They are best known for…”
    • “This person has made a name for themselves in the field of…”
  3. How You Know Them:
    • “I first became acquainted with them when…”
    • “I got to know this person through…”
    • “Our paths crossed when…”
  4. Why They Are Popular:
    • “One reason for their popularity is…”
    • “They have a unique talent for…”
    • “People are drawn to them because of their…”

Sample Answer:

“I’d like to talk about a local celebrity in my town, and her name is Emma Thompson. Emma is a well-known community leader, and I first got to know her through her involvement in various social and charitable activities.

Emma is actively engaged in community service and has been at the forefront of several initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of our town. She has organized numerous events, fundraisers, and volunteer programs that have had a positive impact on the community. Through her efforts, she has become a household name, and people look up to her as a role model.

What makes Emma popular is not just her dedication to community service but also her genuine and approachable nature. She has a way of connecting with people from all walks of life, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Whether she is leading a cleanup campaign or spearheading a charity event, Emma’s passion for making a difference is evident.

In addition to her community work, Emma is also a successful entrepreneur, running a business that aligns with her values of sustainability and social responsibility. This multi-faceted approach to making a positive impact has contributed to her popularity in our town. People admire her not only for her achievements but also for her genuine care for others. I believe Emma Thompson’s popularity is well-deserved, given the positive influence she has had on our community.”