[Weather Vocabulary] Brief Rainfall Brings Slight Relief to Drought-Stricken Tiền Giang

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After months of relentless sunshine and soaring temperatures, residents of Tiền Giang province experienced a brief respite as light rain fell across several areas. With temperatures frequently reaching as high as 39 degrees Celsius recently, this short spell of rain, though lasting only five minutes, has been a welcome change.

Tiền Giang, known for its fertile lands pivotal to agriculture, has been grappling with a severe water shortage that has impacted both farming and daily living conditions. The prolonged drought has left fields parched and water reserves at critically low levels, posing significant challenges for local farmers and households.

The brief shower, albeit light, was enough to momentarily cool down the sweltering heat that has enveloped the region. “It’s hardly enough to make a difference, but it’s a relief from the intense heat,” said a local farmer, expressing a sentiment that resonates with many in the community.

While the rainfall did little to alleviate the ongoing water crisis, it brought a temporary cooling effect that was felt across the province. The community remains hopeful for more substantial rainfall in the coming days to help ease the drought conditions that have been severely affecting their agricultural practices and daily life.

Fresh air after rainfall in Thanh Phu – Chau Thanh, Tien Giang

Experts suggest that sustained efforts in water management and conservation are essential to address the challenges posed by such extreme weather patterns. As climate variability continues to impact this region, the development of more robust systems to capture and store rainwater during scarce periods is becoming increasingly important.

Residents and authorities alike are keeping a watchful eye on the skies, hoping for more rain that can provide more than just temporary relief but a turning point in the ongoing battle against drought in Tiền Giang.

Useful vocabulary

  1. Soaring (adjective)
    • English: Flying or rising high in the air; increasing rapidly above the usual level.
    • Vietnamese: Bay cao; tăng vọt.
  2. Respite (noun)
    • English: A short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
    • Vietnamese: Khoảng nghỉ ngắn; sự giảm nhẹ tạm thời.
  3. Fertile (adjective)
    • English: Capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops; producing many ideas.
    • Vietnamese: Màu mỡ, phì nhiêu; phong phú (ý tưởng).
  4. Pivotal (adjective)
    • English: Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else.
    • Vietnamese: Mấu chốt, quan trọng.
  5. Prolonged (adjective)
    • English: Continuing for a long time or longer than usual; lengthy.
    • Vietnamese: Kéo dài, lâu dài.
  6. Sweltering (adjective)
    • English: Uncomfortably hot and humid.
    • Vietnamese: Nóng bức, oi bức.
  7. Sentiment (noun)
    • English: A view or attitude toward a situation or event; an emotion or feeling.
    • Vietnamese: Tình cảm; quan điểm, cảm xúc.
  8. Resonates (verb)
    • English: Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound; evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.
    • Vietnamese: Vang dội; gợi lên.
  9. Variability (noun)
    • English: The quality of being subject to variation or changes.
    • Vietnamese: Tính biến đổi, sự thay đổi.
  10. Ongoing (adjective)
    • English: Continuing; not finished or resolved.
    • Vietnamese: Đang diễn ra, tiếp tục.


    1. What is the main issue facing Tiền Giang province?
      • A) Excessive rainfall
      • B) Severe water shortage
      • C) Overpopulation
      • D) Air pollution
    2. How did the local farmer describe the brief rainfall?
      • A) Unnecessary
      • B) Harmful
      • C) A relief
      • D) Excessive
    3. What is required to address the challenges of extreme weather patterns mentioned in the text?
      • A) Water sports
      • B) Increased tourism
      • C) Sustained water management and conservation
      • D) Building more schools
    4. What effect did the brief rainfall have?
      • A) It ended the drought.
      • B) It caused flooding.
      • C) It cooled down the heat temporarily.
      • D) It increased temperatures.
    5. What is Tiền Giang known for?
      • A) Its mountainous terrain
      • B) Its fertile lands
      • C) Its large cities
      • D) Its technology industry



  1. Correct Answer: B) Severe water shortage
  2. Correct Answer: C) A relief
  3. Correct Answer: C) Sustained water management and conservation
  4. Correct Answer: C) It cooled down the heat temporarily
  5. Correct Answer: B) Its fertile lands