IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a photo that makes you feel happy

Describe a photo that makes you feel happy

You should say

• What the photo like

• When and where you took this photo

• How often you watch the photo

And explain why it makes you feel happy

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Family Gathering: A photo of a family reunion or a celebration.
  2. Nature Scene: A beautiful landscape, perhaps a sunset or a serene beach.
  3. Achievement Moment: A snapshot of a personal achievement or success.
  4. Memorable Event: Picture from a memorable event like a wedding or graduation.
  5. Travel Experience: A photo from a favorite travel destination.
  6. Pet or Animal: An image capturing a cute or funny moment with a pet.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Photo:
    • “I’d like to talk about a photo that brings me a lot of joy.”
    • “The picture I have in mind is…”
    • “The photo captures a moment that always brings a smile to my face.”
  2. Describing the Photo:
    • “In the picture, you can see…”
    • “The setting is…”
    • “The focal point of the photo is…”
  3. When and Where:
    • “I took this photo…”
    • “The snapshot was taken on…”
    • “This was during a special occasion at…”
  4. How Often You Watch the Photo:
    • “I find myself looking at this photo…”
    • “It’s something I like to revisit…”
    • “I tend to glance at this photo…”
  5. Explaining Why it Makes You Happy:
    • “The reason this photo makes me happy is…”
    • “Looking at it brings back…”
    • “It’s a reminder of a time when…”

Sample Answer:

“I’d like to talk about a photo that never fails to make me feel happy. It’s a picture of a family gathering that took place during my sister’s wedding a few years ago. In the photo, we are all gathered around, laughing and sharing a special moment. The setting is a beautiful garden, and the vibrant colors of the flowers add to the joyous atmosphere.

I took this photo during the wedding reception. It was a warm summer evening, and the sun was setting, casting a golden glow on everyone. I always keep this photo in a frame on my desk, and I find myself looking at it quite often.

The reason this photo makes me happy is the sheer happiness and love radiating from everyone in the picture. It’s a snapshot of a moment when our entire family came together to celebrate a significant milestone. The smiles on our faces, the warmth in our embraces – it all captures the essence of that beautiful day. Whenever I feel stressed or down, glancing at this photo instantly lifts my spirits and reminds me of the importance of family and shared moments of joy.”