IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe an exciting activity that you experienced

Describe an exciting activity that you experience

• Who were with you

• When it happened

• What exercise you did

Explain how you felt about it

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Adventure Sports: Skydiving, bungee jumping, or zip-lining.
  2. Travel Experience: Exploring a new city or country with thrilling activities.
  3. Team Sports: Participating in a competitive team sport like soccer or basketball.
  4. Concert or Festival: Attending an electrifying music concert or festival.
  5. Outdoor Adventure: Hiking to a breathtaking viewpoint or camping in a scenic location.
  6. Water Sports: Scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking in an exciting environment.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Activity:
    • “I’d like to talk about an incredibly exciting activity I experienced recently.”
    • “The activity that comes to mind is…”
    • “This was a thrilling experience that I shared with…”
  2. Who You Were With:
    • “I did this activity with…”
    • “My companions on this adventure were…”
    • “It was a group activity, and I was joined by…”
  3. When It Happened:
    • “This exciting experience took place…”
    • “It happened on a memorable day in…”
    • “The date that comes to mind is…”
  4. What Exercise You Did:
    • “During this activity, we engaged in…”
    • “The exercise involved…”
    • “The primary activity was…”
  5. How You Felt About It:
    • “I felt a mix of excitement and adrenaline rush.”
    • “The sheer thrill of the experience left me exhilarated.”
    • “Engaging in this activity was a truly unforgettable sensation.”

Sample Answer:

“I’d like to share an incredibly exciting activity I experienced recently – zip-lining in a lush mountainous area. I did this activity with a group of close friends, and it happened on a sunny weekend getaway to the countryside.

As we arrived at the zip-lining facility, the anticipation and excitement were palpable. The idea of soaring through the treetops and enjoying panoramic views was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. The activity involved strapping into a harness and gliding along a series of zip lines that crisscrossed the forest canopy.

The feeling of being suspended in the air, with the wind rushing past and the stunning scenery below, was absolutely exhilarating. Each zip line brought a new sense of adventure, and the collective laughter and shouts of joy from my friends added to the excitement. I remember feeling a mix of adrenaline and pure joy as I zoomed through the air.

Engaging in this zip-lining activity was a fantastic experience, and I left with a profound sense of accomplishment. It not only provided an adrenaline rush but also created lasting memories with my friends. I would highly recommend such adventurous activities to anyone seeking a thrilling and memorable experience.”