IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a young child you stay with

Describe a young child you stay with

You should say

• Why you stay with the young child

• What you do with the young child

And explain how you feel

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Sibling: A younger brother or sister you spend time with.
  2. Nephew/Niece: A niece or nephew whom you stay with regularly.
  3. Child of a Friend: A friend’s child you often look after.
  4. Babysitting: A child you babysit for regularly.
  5. Volunteer Work: A child you spend time with through volunteering or mentoring.
  6. Family Member’s Child: A cousin or a relative’s child you frequently stay with.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Why You Stay With the Young Child:
    • “I spend time with this young child because…”
    • “The reason I stay with him/her is…”
    • “I have a close relationship with the family, and that’s why…”
  2. What You Do With the Young Child:
    • “Our activities often include…”
    • “I engage in various activities such as…”
    • “I take on the responsibility of…”
  3. How You Felt:
    • “Being with this child makes me feel…”
    • “I have a sense of joy and fulfillment when…”
    • “The experience has a positive impact on my emotions because…”

Sample Answer:

“I would like to talk about a young child I often stay with – my niece, Emily. I spend time with her because my sister, Emily’s mother, works long hours, and I help out by looking after Emily during those times.

Our time together is filled with various activities. From playing educational games to reading storybooks, we find ways to make our time enjoyable and also educational. I often take her to the park or engage in arts and crafts projects, which she absolutely loves. Additionally, we sometimes bake simple treats together, making it a fun and bonding experience.

Being with Emily is always a delightful experience. Her innocence and enthusiasm for even the simplest activities are contagious. I feel a sense of responsibility and joy when I see her learning new things or expressing her creativity. It’s not just about babysitting; it’s about creating a positive and nurturing environment for her growth.

There is a special warmth that fills my heart when I spend time with Emily. It’s a unique connection, and witnessing her curiosity and happiness brings me a profound sense of fulfillment. It’s more than just staying with a child; it’s about contributing to her development and cherishing the moments of shared joy and laughter.”