The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup and will be held in Qatar. The final round will take place with the participation of 32 national football teams including the host team Qatar. Let's welcome the great event of the world sports through a short video about this prestigious trophy that many countries want to own!



Here are some short questions about the interesting video you just watched:

1. In which year was the first World Cup trophy born?

2. How many times do teams need to win to keep the trophy in perpetuity?

3. What historical event caused the World Cup to be suspended for more than a decade?

4. Which animal helped find the stolen trophy in England?

5. Why did people say that the trophy stolen in Brazil would never be found?



1. 1930

2. 3 times

3. World War 2

4. A dog named Pickles

5. It is widely believed have been melted down and sold away.