The annual Brain Clash, a decathlon of brainteasers, trivia contests, and puzzles, is tomorrow. Amir must pick one of three individuals, each with different skills and ages, to join his team as a smart and capable player. So, who ought Amir to pick for the competition? The concept of "smart" is deconstructed by Shannon Odell, who also looks at how our brain growth affects our skills over the course of our lives.

Here are some True, False questions to test your listening and memory:

1. IQ test evaluates and reflects the total intelligence of a person.

2. The idea of "smart" is divided into different categories such as learning, memory and creativity.

3. Synaptogenesis is the period when the brain is most developed, the neutrals transmit information very quickly, helping to discover and flourish powerfully skills.

4. Children have an advantage in games required constant concentration, planning, and abstract thought because their prefrontal cortex develop faster. 

5. After a lifetime of learning, older adults have more knowledge to recall and utilize. That is why we say "older and wiser".



1. False. "While intelligence is often associated with things like IQ tests, these assessments fail to capture the scope and depth of a person’s varied abilities."

2. True. "...we’ll break down the idea of “smart” into categories like creativity, memory, and learning and explore when the brain’s best at each of them."

3. Fasle. "in the first few years of life, your brain undergoes incredible rapid growth, called synaptogenesis, where more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second...But this brain remodeling happens within and between brain regions at different times, allowing different skills to flourish at different ages."

4. Fasle. "As a result, some young children may struggle with strategic games, such as chess or checkers, which require constant concentration, planning, and abstract thought".

5. True. "But there’s a reason for the phrase “older and wiser.” After a lifetime of learning, older adults have more knowledge to recall and utilize,..."