This is a video by Nas Daily, about the extraordinary process by which people in the UAE have created water from many sophisticated and advanced methods. Through the video we can better understand the importance of water and that saving water is the responsibility of the whole community.

After watching the video, you can take the mini quiz below to test your listening and memory skills.
1. Sea water is not safe to drink because it contains a lot of microorganisms that are harmful to the digestive system.
2. Most of the water in the world is not drinkable because it is too salty or frozen.
3. The amount of seawater cleaned every day from the factories of the UAE is quite small.
4. Clean water filtered from sea water is also used for farming and animal husbandry.
5. Cloud seeding has been done by the UAE every day since 2017 to create clean water and then rain water is stored in a large dam to maintain people's lives.


Answer is listed below:

1. F

2. T

3. F

4. T

5. T