IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe an impressive English lesson you had and enjoyed

Describe an impressive English lesson you had and enjoyed. You should say:

What it was about

When you had it

What the teacher did

Anh why you enjoyed the lesson


What it was about:

  • Summarize the topic or theme of the English lesson, e.g. “The lesson was about advanced grammar structures, specifically how to use inversion in formal writing.”
  • Highlight any unique or interesting elements of the lesson, e.g. “What made it impressive was how the teacher was able to make a somewhat dry topic feel engaging and relevant to our lives.”

When you had it:

  • Provide the timeframe during which you had the English lesson, e.g. “I had this lesson last semester, when I was taking a writing course in college.”
  • Mention any relevant context or circumstances that might have made the lesson more memorable, e.g. “I remember feeling a little intimidated by the topic at first, but the teacher’s enthusiasm and expertise made me feel more confident.”

What the teacher did:

  • Describe the teaching methods or strategies that the teacher used to make the lesson engaging and effective, e.g. “The teacher used a variety of techniques, like interactive exercises, real-life examples, and visual aids, to help us understand the grammar rules in a practical way.”
  • Highlight any specific moments or examples of the teacher’s skill, e.g. “I remember the teacher asking us to come up with our own examples of inversion, and then giving us feedback on how to make them more effective and natural-sounding.”

Why you enjoyed the lesson:

  • Explain what specifically made the English lesson enjoyable and memorable, e.g. “I appreciated how the teacher was able to break down a complex topic into manageable pieces, and make it fun and engaging at the same time.”
  • Provide examples or evidence from the lesson to support your opinion, e.g. “I remember feeling like I had a better understanding of the grammar structures by the end of the lesson, and feeling more confident about using them in my own writing.”
  • Reflect on how the lesson impacted your overall learning experience, e.g. “The lesson made me realize that English can be challenging but also fascinating, and it motivated me to continue improving my skills.”


  • “There was this one English lesson that really stood out to me…”
  • “The teacher was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic…”
  • “What I loved about the lesson was how interactive and engaging it was…”
  • “The teacher’s ability to simplify complex concepts was really impressive…”
  • “I left the lesson feeling more confident and motivated to improve my English skills.”


Describe an important thing you learned (not at school or college)

You should say:

What it was

When you learned it

How you learned it

And explain why it was important


What it was:

  • Briefly describe the important thing you learned, e.g. “I learned how to manage my finances and budget effectively.”
  • Explain why this learning experience was significant or transformative for you, e.g. “This was an important lesson for me because it helped me become more responsible and independent in my daily life.”

When you learned it:

  • Mention the time or circumstance in which you learned this important lesson, e.g. “I learned this lesson a few years ago, when I started my first job and had to manage my own income and expenses.”
  • Describe any relevant context or challenges that made this lesson particularly meaningful or impactful, e.g. “I had always struggled with budgeting and saving money, so learning these skills was a big breakthrough for me.”

How you learned it:

  • Explain the learning process or method that you used to acquire this important knowledge, e.g. “I learned how to manage my finances by reading personal finance books and blogs, talking to financial advisors, and experimenting with different budgeting tools and apps.”
  • Highlight any specific resources or tools that were particularly helpful, e.g. “I found the budgeting app Mint to be especially useful in helping me track my expenses and stay on top of my finances.”

Why it was important:

  • Reflect on the impact that this important lesson has had on your life, e.g. “Learning how to manage my finances has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to save money, invest in my future, and feel more secure and confident in my financial decisions.”
  • Explain how this lesson has influenced your behavior or outlook on life, e.g. “I now have a greater appreciation for the value of financial literacy and the importance of being proactive and disciplined in managing my money.”
  • Connect this learning experience to broader themes or goals, e.g. “I believe that being financially savvy is an essential life skill that can help people achieve their dreams and live more fulfilling lives.”


  • “One of the most important things I’ve learned in my life is…”
  • “I learned this lesson through trial and error, as well as seeking advice and resources from experts…”
  • “What made this lesson so important was how it allowed me to become more self-sufficient and responsible…”
  • “I’m grateful for this learning experience because it has helped me achieve my goals and live a more fulfilling life…”
  • “This lesson has taught me the importance of being proactive and disciplined in pursuing my dreams and aspirations.”