IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe an important decision you made

Describe an important decision you made

You should say:

• What the decision was

• When you made the decision

• What the results of the decision were

And explain why you made that decision

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Career Choice: Deciding on a specific career path or changing careers.
  2. Educational Decision: Choosing a major or selecting a course of study.
  3. Relocation: Moving to a new city or country for personal or professional reasons.
  4. Financial Investment: Making a significant investment or financial decision.
  5. Relationship Decision: Committing to a serious relationship or deciding to end one.
  6. Health and Lifestyle: Adopting a healthier lifestyle or making a major health-related decision.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Decision:
    • “I’d like to talk about a crucial decision I made that had a significant impact on my life.”
    • “The decision I want to discuss is…”
    • “It was a pivotal moment when I had to choose between…”
  2. When You Took the Decision:
    • “I made this decision…”
    • “The decision was finalized in…”
    • “It was a choice I had to make during…”
  3. Results of the Decision:
    • “As a result of this decision…”
    • “The outcome was…”
    • “It had a profound effect on…”
  4. Why You Made the Decision:
    • “I made this decision because…”
    • “The primary reason for choosing this path was…”
    • “It was a decision driven by…”

Sample Answer:

“I’d like to talk about a significant decision I made a few years ago when I decided to change my career. At the time, I was working in a field that didn’t align with my passions and long-term goals, and I felt a strong need for a change.

The decision to switch careers was made around three years ago. I had reached a point in my previous job where I felt unfulfilled and lacked motivation. After much contemplation and self-reflection, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in a field that had always captured my interest – digital marketing.

The results of this decision were transformative. I enrolled in relevant courses, gained new skills, and networked with professionals in the digital marketing industry. Eventually, I secured a position in a dynamic company that allowed me to utilize my skills and creativity. The decision not only brought professional fulfillment but also positively impacted my overall well-being.

I made this decision because I believed in the importance of aligning my career with my passions and values. It was a bold step, but the prospect of a more fulfilling and meaningful career motivated me to take the plunge. Looking back, I am grateful for the decision I made, as it has opened up new opportunities and brought a sense of purpose to my professional life.”