IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a time you received bad services in restaurants/shops

Describe a time you received bad services in restaurants/shops

You should say

• When it happened

• Why you went there

• What happened in the restaurants/shops

And explain why you think their services were bad

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Restaurant Experience:
    • A time when you had a disappointing dining experience.
    • A visit to a restaurant that did not meet your expectations.
  2. Shopping Incident:
    • A situation where you received poor service while shopping.
    • An instance when the staff in a shop failed to provide satisfactory assistance.
  3. Customer Service Fail:
    • A time when you encountered unhelpful customer service in a store.
    • A visit to a place where the staff was unfriendly or unresponsive.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Incident:
    • “I would like to share an experience I had with bad service in a restaurant/shop.”
    • “There was a time when I encountered subpar service at a dining establishment/store.”
    • “The incident I have in mind happened when I…”
  2. When It Happened:
    • “This occurred [timeframe], on a [day of the week/month].”
    • “It was [specific date] when I decided to…”
    • “This happened a few months ago when…”
  3. Why You Went There:
    • “I went to the restaurant/shop with the intention of…”
    • “The reason for my visit was to…”
    • “I chose to go there because…”
  4. What Happened:
    • “Upon entering, I noticed that…”
    • “While I was there, I experienced…”
    • “The incident unfolded when…”
  5. Why You Think the Service Was Bad:
    • “The service was subpar because…”
    • “I felt dissatisfied due to…”
    • “The staff’s behavior contributed to the negative experience.”

Sample Answer:

“I would like to share an experience I had with bad service at a restaurant. This happened a few months ago when I decided to try out a new place in town. I had heard positive reviews about their cuisine, so I was excited to have a nice dining experience.

Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed that the atmosphere was pleasant, and the menu seemed promising. However, as the evening progressed, the service became increasingly disappointing. The staff seemed disorganized and inattentive. It took a long time for someone to take our orders, and even then, there were errors in what we received.

The tipping point was when our main courses arrived, and they were not cooked as per our specifications. When we tried to address the issue with the server, they were unapologetic and unresponsive. It was evident that there was a lack of communication and attention to customer satisfaction.

I believe the service was bad primarily due to the staff’s lack of training and a failure in communication within the restaurant. The overall experience left a negative impression, and I left the restaurant feeling dissatisfied and unlikely to return. Effective communication and attentiveness are crucial elements in the service industry, and this experience highlighted the importance of these aspects in delivering a positive customer experience.”