IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a time when you spent time with a child

Describe a time when you spent time with a child

You should say

• Who the child is

• How you knew him/her

• Why you spent time with him/her

And explain what you did when you were together

Ideas for the IELTS Speaking Question:

  1. Nephew/Niece: Spending time with a younger family member.
  2. Neighbor’s Child: Interacting with a child from your neighborhood.
  3. Volunteer Work: Engaging with a child during volunteer activities.
  4. Friend’s Child: Spending time with the child of a close friend.
  5. Siblings: Sharing a moment with a younger brother or sister.
  6. Mentorship: Spending time with a child as part of a mentorship program.

Useful Expressions:

  1. Introducing the Child:
    • “I’d like to talk about a memorable experience I had with a child.”
    • “The child I spent time with is…”
    • “This young individual is someone I know through…”
  2. How You Know Him/Her:
    • “I have a close relationship with this child because…”
    • “I first met him/her when…”
    • “We became acquainted through…”
  3. Why You Spent Time Together:
    • “The reason I spent time with this child was…”
    • “We had planned to…”
    • “I wanted to share a special moment with him/her because…”
  4. What You Did Together:
    • “During our time together, we engaged in…”
    • “One of the activities we enjoyed was…”
    • “We decided to spend our time by…”

Sample Answer:

“I’d like to talk about a memorable experience I had with my niece, Emma. Emma is my sister’s daughter, and I have a very close and affectionate relationship with her. The particular occasion I’m thinking of was her birthday last year.

I spent time with Emma because I wanted to celebrate her birthday and create lasting memories. We had planned a day filled with activities that she enjoys. In the morning, we started with a small family breakfast at home, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and sharing laughter. Later, we visited a local amusement park because Emma loves rides and games.

During our time together, we engaged in various activities. We went on roller coasters, played carnival games, and even had a picnic in the park. I remember the joy on Emma’s face as she experienced the different rides and won prizes at the games. It was heartwarming to see her enthusiasm and happiness on her special day.

The reason I cherish this time with Emma is not just because it was her birthday but also because it allowed me to connect with her on a personal level. As an aunt, I find immense joy in being a part of her life and creating these meaningful moments. It was a day filled with laughter, excitement, and a sense of bonding that I will always treasure.”