IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a person who often buy at the street market at cheaper price

Prompt: Describe a person who often buys at the street market at a cheaper price.

Who this person is:

  • Suggested ideas: A thrifty friend, a budget-conscious family member, a frugal colleague.
  • Useful expressions:
    1. “The person I’m describing is…”
    2. “This individual is known for…”
    3. “They are someone who…”
  • Useful grammar structures:
    1. Present continuous tense: “They are currently…”
    2. Adjective phrases: “They are a thrifty…”
    3. Relative clauses: “The person who…”

What this person likes to buy:

  • Suggested ideas: Fresh produce, clothing, accessories, household items.
  • Useful expressions:
    1. “They often purchase…”
    2. “Their shopping list typically includes…”
    3. “They have a preference for buying…”
  • Useful grammar structures:
    1. Gerunds: “They enjoy buying…”
    2. Object pronouns: “They like to buy…”
    3. Modal verbs: “They often choose to buy…”

Where this person likes to buy things:

  • Suggested ideas: Local street markets, flea markets, bazaars, sidewalk stalls.
  • Useful expressions:
    1. “They frequently buy…”
    2. “Their favorite shopping spot is…”
    3. “They prefer to shop at…”
  • Useful grammar structures:
    1. Adverbial phrases of place: “They shop at…”
    2. Prepositional phrases: “They buy things from…”
    3. Indirect objects: “They purchase items for…”

Explain why this person likes cheap goods:

  • Suggested ideas: Budget constraints, enjoy finding deals, prioritize saving money.
  • Useful expressions:
    1. “The reason they prefer cheap goods is…”
    2. “They are drawn to bargains because…”
    3. “Their motivation for buying cheap is…”
  • Useful grammar structures:
    1. Cause and effect: “Because of their budget constraints…”
    2. Adverbial clauses of reason: “They like cheap goods because…”
    3. Infinitive phrases: “They prioritize saving money to…”

Collocations with definitions in both English and Vietnamese:

  1. Bargain hunting (Sự săn mua hàng rẻ)
  2. Thrifty shopper (Người tiết kiệm khi mua sắm)
  3. Budget-conscious (Nhận thức về ngân sách)
  4. Street market (Chợ đường phố)
  5. Fresh produce (Hàng tươi sống)
  6. Sidewalk stalls (Gánh hàng ven đường)
  7. Shopping spree (Cuộc mua sắm phất lên)
  8. Flea market (Chợ trời)
  9. Secondhand goods (Hàng cũ)
  10. Discounted prices (Giá giảm)
  11. Bulk buying (Mua hàng số lượng lớn)
  12. Haggling over prices (Mặc cả giá)

Sample Answer:

The person I’m describing is my friend, Sarah. She’s a thrifty shopper, always on the lookout for bargains and good deals. Sarah likes to buy a variety of things, but she’s particularly fond of fresh produce and clothing. You can often find her browsing through the local street markets or flea markets on weekends.

Sarah prefers to buy things at street markets because she enjoys the lively atmosphere and the opportunity to haggle over prices. Her favorite shopping spot is a bustling street market in the city center, where vendors sell everything from fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and vintage clothing. She believes that she can get better value for her money when shopping at these markets compared to traditional stores. Plus, she appreciates the authenticity and uniqueness of the items she finds there.

The reason Sarah prefers cheap goods is mainly because of her budget-conscious nature. As a student, she is always trying to make the most of her limited funds. Buying cheaper goods allows her to stretch her budget further and save money for other expenses, like textbooks and travel. Additionally, she finds satisfaction in discovering great deals and knowing that she’s getting the best possible price for her purchases. Because of her budget constraints, she often chooses to buy secondhand goods or items on sale. This habit not only helps her save money but also reduces waste, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sarah’s preference for shopping at street markets and buying cheap goods is a reflection of her practicality and resourcefulness. It’s not just about saving money for her; it’s also about the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of finding hidden gems amidst the hustle and bustle of the market. Shopping at street markets allows her to connect with local vendors and experience a more personal and engaging shopping experience.

Sarah is a budget-conscious and thrifty shopper who enjoys buying at street markets for cheaper prices. Her ability to find good deals and make the most of her budget is truly admirable, and it’s a skill that serves her well in her student life. She’s someone who has mastered the art of bargain hunting and makes every shopping trip an adventure.