IELTS SpeakingSpeaking Part 1


Here are some common questions that you may be asked in the IELTS Speaking Exam.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Look at the question carefully and think about some ideas for this.
  2. Pay atttention to suggested ideas to see whether they can help build up your answers.
  3. Try to use the phrases provided to structure your answers in the more appropriate way.
  4. Answer the question.
  5. Read the sample answer at the end to see what you can learn from it.
  6. Learn some useful vocabulary related to the topic.


1. Do you use social media?

– Ideas: You might use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for communication, entertainment, or networking. Think about the ways that you use social media.

– Useful phrases: “Yes, I use social media…”, “I find that social media is [adjective] for [activity or purpose]…”, “Using social media allows me to [activity or purpose]…”

2. What kind of social media do you prefer?

– Ideas: You might prefer social media platforms that are visual, such as Instagram, or platforms that are more text-based, such as Twitter. Think about the types of social media that appeal to you.

– Useful phrases: “I prefer [type of social media] because…”, “I find that [type of social media] is the most [adjective] for [activity or purpose]…”, “Using [type of social media] makes me feel [adjective]…”

3. How much time do you spend on social media each day?

– Ideas: You might spend a few minutes or several hours on social media each day, depending on your habits and preferences. Think about the amount of time that you typically spend on social media.

– Useful phrases: “I spend [amount of time] on social media each day…”, “I find that [amount of time] is [adjective] for [activity or purpose]…”, “Although I enjoy using social media, I try to limit my time spent each day…”

4. What are the advantages of social media?

– Ideas: Social media can have advantages such as connecting people, sharing information, or promoting creativity. Think about the positive impacts that social media can have on society.

– Useful phrases: “The advantages of social media include…”, “Social media has made [activity or task] much more [adjective]…”, “Thanks to social media, people are able to [activity or task] more easily…”

5. What are the disadvantages of social media?

– Ideas: Social media can also have disadvantages such as promoting negative behaviors, contributing to addiction, or perpetuating misinformation. Think about the negative impacts that social media can have on society.

– Useful phrases: “The disadvantages of social media include…”, “One negative impact of social media is [issue or problem]…”, “Although social media has many benefits, it also has some negative effects such as [issue or problem]…”

6. How has social media changed the way people communicate?

– Ideas: Social media has changed the way that people communicate by enabling instant communication, providing new ways to share information, or creating new forms of social interaction. Think about the ways that social media has altered communication.

– Useful phrases: “Social media has changed the way people communicate by…”, “I find that social media has made communication more [adjective]…”, “Thanks to social media, people are able to [activity or task] in new ways…”