Since their emergence over 200,000 years ago, modern humans have established communities all over the planet. But they didn’t do it alone. Whatever corner of the globe you find humans in today, you’re likely to find another species as well: dogs. So how did one of our oldest rivals, the wolf, evolve into man’s best friend? 

"Given enough time, even our most dangerous rivals can become our fiercest friends."

Now test your knowledge after watching this video by answering these questions.

1. What creatures did the dogs evolve from?

2. How did the wolves take down larger prey?

3. Why could the wolves integrate easily with human families? 

4. When did the Proto-Dogs or Wolf-Dogs appear?

5. What do dogs grow large and muscular for?

Blackening the below space for the answer

1. Canis lupus or the grey wolf.

2. Hunted in groups and used social skills.

3. Similar social structure.

4. About 33000 years ago.

5. Guard duty