IELTS SpeakingVocabulary

10 idioms commonly used in the IELTS Speaking Test

  1. Break the ice
    • Meaning in English: To initiate social interactions and conversation.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Bắt đầu cuộc trò chuyện, làm quen.
    • Example: I always tell a funny story to break the ice at a party.
  2. Piece of cake
    • Meaning in English: Something very easy to do.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Việc gì đó rất dễ dàng.
    • Example: The test was a piece of cake; I finished it in 10 minutes.
  3. Hit the books
    • Meaning in English: To begin studying seriously.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Bắt đầu học hành nghiêm túc.
    • Example: With finals approaching, it’s time to hit the books.
  4. Under the weather
    • Meaning in English: Feeling slightly ill or sick.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Cảm thấy không khỏe.
    • Example: I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’ll stay home today.
  5. See eye to eye
    • Meaning in English: To agree completely.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Hoàn toàn đồng ý.
    • Example: My sister and I see eye to eye on most things.
  6. Once in a blue moon
    • Meaning in English: Very rarely.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Rất hiếm khi.
    • Example: I only go to the cinema once in a blue moon.
  7. Spill the beans
    • Meaning in English: To reveal a secret.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Tiết lộ bí mật.
    • Example: He spilled the beans about their surprise party.
  8. Through thick and thin
    • Meaning in English: In all circumstances, no matter how difficult.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Trong mọi hoàn cảnh, dù khó khăn đến đâu.
    • Example: They remained friends through thick and thin.
  9. Cut corners
    • Meaning in English: To do something in the easiest or cheapest way, often sacrificing quality.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Làm việc gì đó theo cách dễ dàng hoặc rẻ tiền, đôi khi hy sinh chất lượng.
    • Example: If you cut corners when you’re painting, the room won’t look good.
  10. Cost an arm and a leg
    • Meaning in English: Very expensive.
    • Meaning in Vietnamese: Rất đắt đỏ.
    • Example: That designer dress cost me an arm and a leg.